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Being Mama

Baby Cream & Multi Purpose Liquid Cleanser (Combo Deal)

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Baby Cream

When choosing the products for your baby’s delicate skin, a mama would always prefer to opt for something safe and natural. Being mama products are carefully curated with the highest safety standards and all active natural ingredients. Infused with the goodness of premium natural emollients & botanical extracts, Beingmama baby face cream moisturizes the delicate baby skin, preserving its silky smooth texture and luster. We have carefully selected the ingredients for our cream that sensitive skin can tolerate. Beingmama Face Cream gives your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin an adequate dose of nourishment and care. This face cream has excellent moisturizing properties that make skin super soft and supple. Since the baby’s skin is gentle, it requires proper nourishment daily. Being mama face cream locks moisture onto your baby's skin for 10-12 hours. It is suitable for all skin types.

Multi Purpose Liquid Cleanser

Beingmama Multipurpose Liquid Cleanser is made from 100% food-grade ingredients. It efficiently cleans fats and protein off baby bottles and other feeding devices, leaving them not only clean but also bacteria-free. Beingmama Multipurpose Liquid Cleanser is 100% food-grade ingredients that can be used not only to clean bottles and feeding accessories but also fruits and vegetables. Comprising 100 percent food-grade ingredients, this baby liquid cleanser is trusted by mothers the world over. It effectively kills harmful bacteria making it great for sanitizing toys and other baby accessories that your baby tends to shove in his or her mouth. Available in compact packaging, this Beingmama Multipurpose Liquid Cleanser is easy to take with you on vacation, to ensure that your baby remains healthy, happy, and protected always. The cleanser is ideal for cleaning nursing bottles, nipples, pacifiers, feeding accessories, toys as well as food such as vegetables and fruits. It kills 99.99 percent harmful bacteria and is yet Gentle on the skin.